Saw for cutting fret slots

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How to cut fingerboard fret slots - Home Made Miter Box

Tools & Templates - Fretting Tools & Templates - C. B. Quality instruments, kits, parts and gear for cigar box guitars, standard acoustic & electric guitars, other homemade instruments, cigar box amplifiers and more! Guitar Repair Tools - Fret Slot Saws The most obvious use for a fret slot saw is to cut the slots in the fretboard for the fret to sit in. Although this is the most traditional use of fret slot saw, it is not the only use. Blog — AVP Lutherie If you're a hobbiest guitar maker, or you're like me, and do it for a living, but build in small quantities, here's why I think you should consider cutting your fret slots with a handsaw as a viable method. Inlay Saws, Flush Cutting Saws, Guitar Saw | FINE Tools

I'm in the process to start my first neck build and been thinking about my options for cutting fret slots. I don't have a fret hand saw like many here ...

I've always cut my fret slots with a cheapo coping saw (and dressed the frets with a triangular file I found in the street), and I'll be dead in my cold cold grave before I shell out $60 for a endpin hole reamer, but $20 for the perfect tool for anything wouldn't ruffle my feathers. CNC Shark Forum • View topic - Cutting Fret Slots

That's why I love this forum. People amaze me everyday with factoids i don't know. Yeah i bought the fret sawing aluminum jig and stew mac templates. but saws with .023 kerf are thin, wiggly and bind terribly. there needs to be a wide heavy saw that terminates into a kerf width cutting surface. and the thickness of the blade being its own depth stop... or there just needs to be LMII.

Hi Haiim, yah, the stewmac saw. Most of the systems I have come up with are a bit different. They all work well but the fret slot cutting technique works best.

Sep 24, 2015 · Custom made specialized table saw blade This blade is thinned down so it can make a very thin cut. The blade teeth are 0.020-inch wide (otherwise known as the kerf) for cutting fret slots. A specialized blade of this type can be purchased here. Fret scale template This is usually a piece of transparent polycarbonate or aluminum.

Mini Table Saw Conversion for CBG Fret Slotting or Crafts: For my pursuit of making things easier and faster for working on Cigar Box Guitars or small crafts. I am limitedto what my shop electricity can handle. Saw for cutting fret slots / Sault sainte marie ontario casino I made two saw guides out of 1/2" aluminum angle stock. Expansion slots reduce noise and heat buildup for smooth. loc_, sid_202021701. 7 in. x 128-Teeth Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blade is rated 3.6 out of 5.In person, you have to look … Fret Saws - The Ultimate Luthier's Guide - The Art Of Lutherie In this guide to guitar fret saws, you’ll learn how to choose the perfect tool for your needs plus a free video on using a fret slotting saw. WaverlyStreet Design Ukulele Site

FRET WIRE Install: It was then time for the fret install (gold Evo fret wire from LMII), so it was back to the internet for more reading.

Fret Saw | Our Fret Slotting Saw has a rigid brass spine, and a comfortable traditionally-turned hardwood handle with ferrule. StewMac Fret Slotting Miter Box | The ideal fret slotting solution for small shops. Improved and smoother than ever! Japanese Curved-edge Mini Saw |